Round Timber Veneered Table Top


Discover the timeless beauty of timber grain with our meticulously crafted timber veneered table tops. Sourced from sustainable forests, our veneers offer a stunning aesthetic while promoting responsible forestry practices.

The classic appeal of timber grain makes our table tops the perfect choice for a variety of interiors, from cozy cafes to modern offices. Whether you prefer the warmth of oak or the richness of walnut, our range of veneers ensures you'll find the perfect match for your space.

But beauty isn't our only focus – we've also prioritised durability. Each table top features solid 2mm edging, providing superior protection from bumps and ensuring longevity.

Experience the perfect blend of sustainability, style, and durability with our timber veneered table tops. Elevate your space today with the timeless elegance of timber grain.

Standard sizes:

26mm Thick

600, 700, 800 Round

Standard Timber Veneers:

American White Oak, American Ash, American Walnut, American Cherry

Other veneers available by request

All finished with durable hard wax finish, allowing for longevity and ease of refinishing.

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