Leeds Street Bakery - Custom Menu Board, Price Display Tags

A menu can be so much more than a list of items, it can be the very thing that brings customers into your store. Our friends over at @leedsstreetbakery show how this can be the case perfectly.

Leeds Street Bakery Store Front, a Proffer Customer

This beautiful deep green Proffer Menu Board is offset by the warm glow of the bakery itself, standing out to passers-by on a dreary Wellington day, enticing them to seek the warm coffee and delicious baked goods inside.

We worked with the team at Leeds Street Bakery to build the exact size and colour of adjustable letter board menu to suit their space, and bring to life all the incredible goods their bakery sells.

Proffer made Custom Menu Board in Green
Changeable Letter Menu Board in Leeds Street Bakery

To put the icing on the cake the team also ordered our Price Display Tags, so that you know what delicious goods you are looking at and just how much they will cost. These counter stands are perfect for cafe and retail spaces and the wooden make of the price displays keeps the brand alive in every tiny details - because it's the details that matter.

Wooden Price Display Tag for a Brownie
Counter Price Display for Bread at Leeds Street Bakery

If you too would like a Menu Board or Price Display Tags to Proffer your goods to customers and window shoppers alike, then head over to our online store. In a matter of days you could be upgrading the look of your business too.