Hey! We’re George and Matt, the multi-talented design duo behind Proffer. Proffer is a design studio with a focus on creating unique products and custom solutions for the hospitality and retail space (in simpler terms that’s restaurant design, kitchen design, shop design, cafe design etc.). 

We have a growing portfolio of off the shelf products and continue to deliver unique custom solutions through partnering with incredible businesses on exciting new design challenges - providing both a unique option for you and a new product that everyone can enjoy via the Proffer store.

George & Matt from Proffer

We’re based in Wellington, New Zealand, but we deliver products all around the world - from New Zealand to USA, Australia to Canada, Japan to Luxembourg, and beyond. But it is here in Proffer Wellington that we draw most of our inspiration. The incredible art, culture and spaces throughout this city have inspired us and built our products for years. In fact, if you know Wellington well then we’re sure you’ll recognise plenty of our past projects here with some iconic locations and brands that we have been privileged to work with and provide products to. 

Our background, and what we still thrive on today, is in creating unique interiors. We’ve designed unique spaces for hospitality and retail businesses for years, and we now lean on this experience to create quality products that deliver unique experiences for you and your customers. Whether it be the next pricing solution, shelving option, custom menu board, display board, or something completely new, we’d love to chat if you have something you want to bring to life.

George from Proffer with all a Menu Board install pieces. Matt and George the creators of Proffer

We are both very hands-on in all of our work, and we obsess over the details - from how things are made to the finish on each piece - so that every piece you get is at highest quality and functions as you need. Take a look at some of our best selling products that we are very proud of, like our long-standing letter board menus, table card menus, price tag holders, or our completely custom wooden menus:

Menu Board (2 Sizes, 10 Colours)

Menu Holders (Packs of 5)