COVID19 Update. We will be able to begin production on Tues 28th April. Standard lead-times apply from then.

About Proffer

George and Matt are the passionate Wellington-based design duo that created Proffer. Friends since [add detail of how long they’ve known each other/where they met etc], they think in three dimensions, obsess over the details and know how to get things made.

Proffer is the place where they come together to do this for other people. With a focus on solving design and spatial problems, they have a growing portfolio of off the shelf products, and custom designs through their made to order Proffer Made service. Every item that leaves the Proffer workshop is held to impeccably high standards of quality, sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation. A Proffer product is a conversation starter, and intended to improve the experience of the business space it occupies, or the home in which it resides.