Love our products but wish you could add your own touch? You’ve come to the right place! Our products are designed to be customised. We leave unfinished pieces of all of our work so we can help make it perfect for your needs (including our a5 menu holders, metal menu stands, wooden price displays, and coloured pegboard menus). Whether you are looking for unique colours, added brand touches, or laser engraving, we can make the final solution you have been envisioning come to life.

Interested? Then head over to our 'Contact Page' and let us know what you are looking for. We’ll be in touch with you ASAP to discuss the details and confirm how we can help.

Proffer building a custom menu board

Want something more unique? Have a problem you can’t find a solution for anywhere else? We’d love to talk to you too. We thrive on partnering with businesses to co-create solutions that work perfectly for your needs and space. We help design and deliver a solution that suits your needs, and in turn, potentially create a product for the Proffer store that others can purchase and enjoy too. If this sounds like a fit for you then head to our Contact Page, send us a message, and we look forward to discussing your future vision soon.

Every product we make demonstrates our attention to detail and problem solving, design innovation and use of sustainable materials. Our off the shelf solutions or our customised pieces can help you improve your existing retail experience, or take your restaurant, cafe or kitchen design to the next level.

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Menu stands that can have custom laser engraving