A Custom Fit-Out for Vic Books

If you studied at Victoria University you are likely to have fond memories of your days dipping into Vic Books for course texts, and chats with the calm librarian types. All of whom seemed nonchalant about the weight of the texts you were purchasing, and the work contained within. Those trips to Vic books were the calm before the storm, weren’t they? A fortifying nip of just what you needed before heading back into the fray. 


Vic Books Beginnings 

Vic Books was founded in 1975 as the supplier of the Uni’s course textbooks and notes. Since then their  independently owned stores have grown to include both their flagship store Vic Books Kelburn and their central city store Pipitea (which has since closed).

Proffer Workmanship and Design a Good Fit

Armed with both our early memories of Vic Books, as well as their local reputation for high quality merchandise and service, let’s just say, Matt and I were excited when Vic Books called Proffer, Wellington (and, okay, a little nervous too). We knew we wanted to match their level of quality and attention to detail, with our workmanship and design. 

A Proffer Custom Shelving Solution

After visiting the space, and chatting about the needs and functionality of the required fit-out we came up with a plan. While we are often called upon for Proffer Menu Boards and Proffer Letterboards or even our custom menu boards (as well as menu boards for restaurants, cafes and bars) this job was a little different. Substantial custom shelving with maximum flexibility was needed to house their substantial and continuously changing inventory of books and other merchandise, as well as a reworked counter space. 

Proffer and a Sustainable Approach

The approach we chose was exciting from a design perspective and in that it fit with our ethos of sustainability. To make use of the beautiful elements already at play in the store we decided to upcycle aspects of the existing fit out into further custom pieces. For instance the herringbone counter cladding (so beautiful) which had previously moonlighted as shelving, now did double duty as both the counter and further custom shelving. 

Rimu Custom Shelving

Two custom shelving pieces were designed:

  • A floor to ceiling minimal rimu and powder coated system designed to be infinitely adjustable. This custom piece has a solid industrial vibe, mixing iron piping with substantial cuts of timber.  It stretches to the full height of the ceiling and is designed to let the natural light, from the considerable windows behind, permeate through. It’s as if the merchandise displayed on the shelves get the benefit from their own full time lighting crew. 


  • The main retail shelving is a super functional system that allows for maximum adjustment. The shelves  can be installed flat or on an angle.  Robust, solid, beautifully grounded, and yet with maximum flexibility of use. You’ll note from the photo above the shelving is being used at an angle in places to best display the merchandise. It’s one of those times we’ve been most excited about being able to offer custom pieces which truly fit the brief. Sometimes an off the shelf piece just won’t do. 

Looking for a Proffer Custom Solution? Or Appreciate a Sustainable Approach? 

If you have a design challenge that can only be solved with a custom solution, or if sustainability and re-using elements of your current fit out is something that resonates with you, then reach out today. Matt and I are always happy to chat through your needs and our Proffer custom products and come up with the best solution for your space and business. info@proffer.co.nz