An Emphasis on Minimalist Design for Let Liv

Near the corner of Hunter Street and Customhouse Quay in Wellington’s CBD is Let Liv; a family owned, homeware store. It’s a brilliant store for a Saturday morning, post flat white meander, and a great place to pick up gifts for loved ones who like something a little Scandi or hygge. 


Looking for Minimalist Retail Display Options

Let Liv reached out to Proffer to figure out a way to best display their beautiful products in their sunlit store. They were looking for display options that didn’t scream ‘I’m here!’, and instead played a support role, allowing the products to play the main act.

 Minimalist retail space with Proffer custom blonde ply counter, and Proffer Custom metal powder coated black elements

As we began to design and create the custom display shelves, custom counter and custom tables, as well as custom signage for Let Liv, it felt like an easy match. Let Liv sells lifestyle products with an emphasis on minimalist design, which totally aligns with our design process and aesthetic at Proffer Wellington.


A Focus on Proffer Custom Retail Solutions 

This fit out was less about Proffer menu boards, Proffer custom menu boards or Proffer Letter Boards (which are often used in retail spaces), and more about our range of display products. This undertaking was truly about Proffer Custom Products

 Minimalist retail space with Proffer custom blonde ply counter, Proffer Custom Shelving and Proffer Custom tables, metal powder coated black elements

Let Liv needed tables, display shelves and a counter that were paired back and minimal. These pieces needed to do the work of setting a foundation, but then sit back and let the products on display garner all the attention. So we settled on robust, solid, beautiful, materials that were also humble - not flashy. That meant plywood with a blonde finish for the table tops/shelves, and metal powder coated black legs. This combination created the perfect setting for Let Liv’s Scandinavian influenced products to take centre stage. 


Proffer Custom Signage

Let Liv also needed a footpath sign with a minimalist feel, so again we turned to the simplicity of plywood, with clean, uncomplicated black lettering. It’s always good to be able to provide that design connection between outside a store and within a store and provide customers with a seamless experience.


Proffer: Partnering with Local Businesses 

At Proffer NZ we thrive on partnering with businesses to co-create bespoke retail display furniture such as custom shelving, tables, counters and signage, that work perfectly for your needs and space. Every product we make demonstrates our attention to detail, problem solving, design innovation and use of sustainable materials. Our off the shelf solutions or our customised pieces can help you improve your existing retail experience, or take your restaurant, cafe or retail space to the next level.  

If you, like Let Liv, require something a little different then reach out. Matt and I would be happy to discuss a range of design solutions with you: