Custom Shelving for Coffee Supreme

As Wellington locals, Matt and I have long been fans of Coffee Supreme. Did you know they’re locals like us? They roast their beans fresh in Wellington every day. 

So when we met up with the Coffee Supreme team to put the architect’s vision for their Midland Park offering into play, we were excited to pair our homegrown approach to creating, with theirs. 

There are also a tonne of other ‘high 5’ moments we enjoy with Coffee Supreme. Like us, they focus on the quality and integrity of their product, looking after the planet, and building good relationships with the people and businesses we share this community with. 

Entering Coffee Supreme at Midland Park is like taking a deep breath (a delicious one with coffee notes at the tip of the tongue).  It’s a light and airy space, enjoying the early 1900s architecture of high ceilings and arched windows; the perfect space to design custom shelving for, and to bring the warmth and depth of natural wood. 

Proffer Custom Shelving Midland Park Coffee Supreme Wellington

Unique Custom Pieces

At Proffer,  Matt and I have been working on a growing portfolio of off the shelf products. However we continue to deliver unique custom solutions through partnering with incredible businesses on exciting new design challenges.

For Coffee Supreme’s custom shelving the challenge was (as it always is) to marry practicality and functionality with pleasing aesthetics. This was especially true of this commissioned piece which was on full view to the public. The coffee bean dispensary shelving presented exactly this challenge. A dense, solid, checkerboard base created the foundation, while the shelves above had a lightness about them that made them feel as though they were floating. The glass dispensers then interlaced through these higher shelves. We’re totally geeking out on the way the light hits the wooden checkerboard and glass. It’s beautiful. 

Beautiful and Elegant Menu Boards

After leaning into the ‘warmth of wood’ vibe for the shelving it seemed only fitting to echo the theme with the menu board. American Walnut for the peg board menu just made sense. 

We often use our beautiful and elegant Menu Boards in cafes, bars, breweries, or any other hospitality space. They’ve even been used as food truck trailer menu boards. These changeable letter menu boards are the perfect solution because they are simple to install, hard wearing, sustainably designed, and can be purchased with a range of letters and numbers, and in sizes to suit your needs. While our Proffer menu boards come in a range of sizes,  we also love to make custom menu boards to suit the needs of the space. Do reach out if, like Coffee Supreme, you’re interested in Proffer’s custom products. 

The Proffer cafe menu boards which we have used for the Coffee Supreme space are crafted from a hardwood veneered MDF with matched solid timber edging. They’re finished in a natural, hard wearing clear coat with a simple cleat system for easy installation and board removal. The timber grain runs along the largest of the board's dimensions. 

We can see the Proffer custom shelving system and menu board are working well for Coffee Supreme, however you can go and see for yourself - why not grab yourself a great coffee while you’re there?