A Custom Fit Out With a Wholefoods Grocer Feel

Seize Cafe is a plant based wholefood cafe in Lambton Quay, central Wellington. It’s ALWAYS busy. Despite the fact their plant based menu is frankly instagramable, it’s not pretentious. And it’s the kind of place you can take your non-vegan friends to as well. Its food and service feels accessible, honest and authentic for everyone -  values we totally vibe with in the work we design and create. So when Seize Cafe called Proffer Wellington to discuss a custom fit out, we were stoked. 

Proffer Custom Cladding, Storage and Shelving 

And this was a truly custom and cafe-wide fit out, relying solely on Proffer custom products. The brief demanded custom cladding, custom storage solutions and custom shelving, but what they wanted was a look and feel that nodded to a wholefoods grocer. They wanted people to think of fresh organic local ingredients (the kind of ingredients that were being prepared in the kitchen and served to their customers). 

For this commission Proffer NZ designed shelving and storage that looked like old fashioned fruit crates, installed against cladding and built to feel like the inside of a farm barn. However the keen eye will see there is functionality present too. The crates are robust enough to hold produce, and the cladding has been designed to act as a sort of hooking system, to which the crates (or anything else) can attach securely. 


Proffer Custom Signage

Also installed against the custom cladding is our custom solution for the Seize Cafe sign. Once again this was designed with the tone of ‘fresh, organic produce’ in mind, with areas of green designed to evoke a planted field. 

Beyond the cladding, shelving and signage, the cafe proper contains our custom table tops, exterior planters, and metal shelving system. This truly was a floor to ceiling fit out. 

Proffer Custom Menu Board

At a later date we returned to Seize Cafe to design a wooden menu system, a Proffer custom menu. Again, this was an opportunity to pair functionality with form. Often these Proffer menu boards are used as restaurant menus, cafe menus and bar menus.  The size of these additional custom pieces could have overwhelmed the space, yet painted an off-white they recede into the background of the servery, while the tactile wooden letters bring depth and warmth. What we love (and we know Seize Cafe loves too) is the functionality and simplicity of the letter slide system. They’re easy to swap out, and yet robust enough to undergo multiple changes over the lifetime of the menu board.

Design With Us

Do you, like Seize Cafe, require a unique solution? Or do you have a problem you can’t find a solution for anywhere else? We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us at Proffer Wellington today.  We thrive on partnering with businesses to co-create bespoke pieces that work perfectly for your needs and space. If this sounds like a fit then head to our Contact Page, send us a message, and we look forward to discussing your future vision soon.